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Award Winning Natural Heritage Interpretation Programs

interpretive programsThe end of the lift and gondola ride is only the start of the adventure. All lift and gondola visits begin with a pre-ride Visitor Welcome, presented by our Interpretive Services staff. This brief presentation will ensure a safe and enjoyable visit while enlightening visitors about our unique surroundings.

At the top of the lift and gondola Interpretive Programs are available daily, including indoor presentations and themed guided walks. The Wildlife Interpretation Centre is also available for guests to enjoy at their leisure. Programs are conducted by our Interpretive Guides who will lead you through the landscape, following in the footsteps of wildlife and early explorers. Discover the historical significance of this area and explore the natural wonders that have made this area so special in the Canadian Rocky Mountain Parks, a United Nations World Heritage Site. Programs highlight environmental initiatives within Banff National Park and the adaptations both plants and animals have made to survive in this remarkable landscape.

Our interpretive program was awarded "Best Natural Heritage Product/Service" by the Banff Heritage Tourism Bureau in the fall of 2004. This award recognizes excellence in natural heritage education throughout Banff National Park.


Interpretive Centre Programs

Deer and Wolves and Bears, Oh My!
guided walksEver wonder why deer don't eat meat, why wolves do, and why bears have become 90% vegetarian? During this 30-minute presentation you will find the answers to these questions while discovering the important role we can play in helping to ensure their survival.

The Bears Embrace: Coming Full Circle
Come join us on a journey to examine how human views, thoughts and feelings about the grizzly bear in the past have helped to shape the ideals of today. Discover the incredible impacts grizzly populations suffered during a time of fear and how embracing the bear is the only way to ensure this species survival.

Lake Louise….The Making of a Famous Landscape
Interested in learning more about Lake Louise? Then join us on a behind the scenes tour where we will reveal the recipe responsible for the production of this world-renowned scene.

An Unbearable Fate
guided walksHow does the Park deal with a bear that breaks all the rules? Find out all about a legendary grizzly bear named Skoki, and help determine who really broke the rules in Banff National Park.

Living on the Edge
Life is tough! Who would live in a place with wind chills up to minus 65 degrees Celsius, very little food, and steep rocky slopes? Some living things are so well suited to this harsh environment that they would have a hard time living elsewhere. Find out how these unique creatures have made a living in the sub-alpine region of the Rocky Mountains and how we can help them survive.

Unsung Heroes
The non-migratory birds of Lake Louise. Learn how it takes more than a ski pass to survive the winter at Lake Louise.

*Times: The above programs run at 10:00am, 12:00pm, 2:00pm. Shows vary day to day. All theatre-style presentations are complimentary with purchase of the gondola ride.


Guided Walks

Choose from three excellent guided hikes as our professional interpreters lead you through the stunning surrounding environment.

Please note: Access to a guided hike requires both the purchase of a Gondola Ticket and the cost of the individual hike as listed below. An additional fall themed hike Trail of the Larches coming up in September.

Trail of the Great Bear (45 minutes)

A 45 minute easy, guided informational walk that addresses a question most of us have here in bear country, "What should I do if I see a bear?". You'll learn about bear behavior and how to stay safe.

  • Dates: Everyday.
  • Time: On the hour from 9:00am to 5:00pm.
  • Group Size: 1 to 12.
Adults & Kids
Ages 5 & under Free

Note: To reserve email, call 1-403-522-1385, or visit the Wildlife Interpretive Centre on arrival.

Trail of Ice and Fire (2 hours)

Take in the spectacular views from the upper mountain and witness the evidence of ice and fire that shaped the landscape over thousands of years. A two hour moderate hike with an interpretive guide will ignite your imagination as to how this landscape would have looked during the last Ice Age.

  • Dates: Every day starting June 6, 2016.
  • Time: 1:30pm.
  • Group Size: 3 to 12.
Adults & Kids

Note: To reserve email, call 1-403-522-1385, or visit the Wildlife Interpretive Centre on arrival.

Trail of 7 Wonders (3.5 hours)

Discover with us 7 Wonders of Lake Louise Ski Resort, 7 Endangered Species that live or grow here on this three-and-a-half hour moderate hike with an interpretive guide.

  • Dates: Every day starting June 6, 2016.
  • Time: 91:30pm.
  • Group Size: 3 to 12.
Adults & Kids

Note: To reserve email, call 1-403-522-1385, or visit the Wildlife Interpretive Centre on arrival.

Trail of the Larches (3.5 Hours)

Lake Louise is famous for its Larch trees. Experience the picturesque colors of fall and learn about the survival strategies of the larches in the harsh alpine environment. A three-and-a-half hour moderate hike with an interpretive guide that will reveal the mysteries of the larches and the stunning landscape of Lake Louise.

  • Dates: Every day from September 10 to September 26, 2016.
  • Time: 9:30am.
  • Group Size: 3 to 12.
Adults & Kids

Note: To reserve email, call 1-403-522-1385, or visit the Wildlife Interpretive Centre on arrival.

Note: Rates shown above do not include tax (5%GST). Pricing subject to change without notice. Dates/times are subject to change as the conditions of hiking trails are weather dependant. Walks are based on a first come first served basis. A minimum of 3 people are required per walk, up to a maximum of 14. Due to the natural grade of the mountain trails, all participants of guided walks should be of moderate fitness ability and are encouraged to wear proper walking footwear. Please wear proper footwear and dress for all weather conditions. We recommend bringing sunglasses, water, snacks, jacket and a camera.


Hiking Trails

If you're looking to experience the sights and sounds of Lake Louise on foot there are several scenic hiking trails available which range from 1.7 to 3.4 km round trips. These trails, which are all located at the top of the sightseeing lift just above the wildlife corridor closure area, guarantee some of the most magnificent views in the Rockies. See the summer hiking trail map below for details.

Important Notes For Hikers:

  • Due to the presence of an active wildlife corridor, hiking is not permitted on the lower mountain. Those hiking on the upper mountain must use the lift when returning to the base lodges and parking area.
  • Trails may close at any time due to presence of bears. Hiking in closed areas is not permitted.
  • Hikers must be prepared for changing weather and trial conditions. Like anywhere in Banff Nation Park, assistance may not be readily available if needed.
  • We strongly recommend hiking in close groups of 4 or more.
  • Hike at your own risk. Hikers accept full responsibility for their own safety and well being.
Female grizzly with cubs

Home of the Grizzly Bear

As the grass turns green and new berries begin to flourish, one of the most powerful creatures will begin to roam in search of food. The grassy slopes below the gondola offer lush, rich vegetation for these incredible creatures. Is it any wonder that each summer the grizzly returns? Each year bears emerge from hibernation and call these alpine meadows their home. The Lake Louise Sightseeing Lift, Gondola & Interpretive Centre is committed to providing a protected environment for bears, and an educational and safe opportunity for guests to experience the natural beauty and wonder of this magnificent place!

Click here to view our Grizzly Bear & Wildlife Sightings Calendar.


diabled symbolDisabled Traveler's Accessibility Info

It is our goal to assist individuals with disabilities to access, and enjoy all features, and facilities at the Lake Louise Gondola. Please see what we offer.

Best Grizzly Bear Viewing & Scenery in the Rockies!
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